I’ve been beating myself up over the past year about creative stagnation. Most of it stems from common cliches: unfulfilling day job, lack of discipline and inability to stick to a project when I surround myself with distractions, disappointment in my older work, comparing myself to long-career professionals who make it look easy.

I go back and forth between whether to focus on digital or physical media, whether to spend more time working on writing or drawing or joke format, comics, animation, even game design. I’ve considering focusing specifically on some game ideas I’ve had and pursuing that instead of comics.

For right now, I’m not going to declare an update schedule. I want to focus on drawing every day and working on comics, but not rushing or uploading work that I don’t view as finished.

I’m also not going to re-upload the old strips yet. I still have them, and conventional wisdom is to provide as large an archive as possible, but again, I don’t want to load the archive with half-assed filler.


Let’s make some comics.